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Web Optimization - Services Breakdown

Standard to Advanced Reports

We offer a wide range of services, from phone consulting to informal email reports, formal pdf and custom format reports.

Examinations may start with the general structure of the site and many standard factors such as metas, headings, titles, links, etc., and continue to the depth required, including some or all of the following:

  • Keyword research, including competition, can performed through several sources, collated and crunched through our system, and reported on.
  • Examination of design and ergonomics such as: Forms/slideshows/above-the-fold-stuff/‘buy-now’s/lack of address, image links, supplemental info and links, nav links, sitemaps, etc., plus other factors that may invite ‘discussion’ and have both visual as well as technical effects on the site’s performance at search engines.
  • Strong points / Weak points listed
  • The relative importance of the various factors and the best course of action for your specific budget and needs.
  • Off-page factors such as backlinks numbers/anchors/ratios.
  • Strategies for improvement, with clear descriptions of how to get started going forward.
  • An overall conclusion on the main things that should be fixed initially as well as more involved steps to take if needed, and what the relative cost levels might be, and that relationship to value and ROI.

Custom analysis with the focus on specific/additional areas are available, as is additional research, if indicated, or needed.

Site Optimization

First we must analyze the site. We report informally on what we find, providing a basic plan to start. Many factors that will improve things require on-site changes to the design, ergonomics and content. Our first job is to communicate with you about what things need attention, and determine in which direction you want to proceed.

The amount or depth of work needed varies for each sites. Occasionally a new site might be indicated, and design services are available, as well as WordPress versions of current sites, frequently with little or no change to the look.

You’ll need some kind of a mobile solution and separate services for mobile are available, if needed.

Optimizing on-Page Factors

Though there is usually more to do than either budget or ROI indicate, we try to fix the easiest, fastest and most important items of concern first. If there things left that needs attention we’ll document that for you. The amount, level, volume and of seriousness of issues determine our tasks.

A web site is a package and we always keep that in mind. We will occasionally include additional work when in nearby areas in the code when it is very simple or very important.

Areas of Interest

  • On-site compliance with current standards and best practices for major search engines
  • Page load speed and what is causing any delays. Image optimizations or bloated/faulty code issues are looked at as possible solutions we’ll work on.
  • Metas, titles, descriptions and keywords.
  • Combine, minify or eliminate head content.
  • Link patterns and anchors and a defined architecture*
  • Schema data*
  • Sitemap and Robots files

*as site structure allows

Additional optimizations might include:

  • Removing or replacing plugins for increased security, performance or…?
  • Rewriting content
  • Creating new content
  • Restructuring pages and their content
  • Fixing redirects, loops, page errors or 401’s when possible
  • Removing or replacing broken links
  • Review of mobile presentation and minor adjustments when indicated (full mobile services available separately).

Advanced services may include consulting, additional question and answer follow up phone calls and advice, social and marketing strategies explained, and a lot of our secrets we’ve learned in over a decade of service to web owners. Ongoing marketing services are available for the rest of your needs.

What we need from you

  • We need to know what you have access to change and what you don’t.
  • We also need to know what you won’t change, even if it is against our advice. We know what works and what doesn’t, but you know what you want.
  • We should have a good idea of your budget now and in the future. The level of services ordered lets us know what we have available for repairs, optimizations and fixes today, but how you will deal with things in the future can have a big impact on the best way to approach your site.
  • For Optimizations to be done we need to get physical access. Your server control panel or ftp access is usually needed, as well as any CMS admin. We then backup everything we work on. If the site is not too large we’ll backup the entire site for you.
  • We need to know what weird things might be going on, any google actions, loss of rankings, previous ‘seo’ or anything you might even suspect. Analysis or repairs can be hampered by things we can’t foresee. Spending resources discovering known issues is wasteful. As much information as possible is usually best.

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