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Build a pretty page with no focus or call to action and you might win awards, if that's all you're after. In this business that's known as a 'vanity' site. But make an appropriate site for people to come to, earn their trust, and then really offer them something worth their time and money and you're on your way.

For a lower priced site, you are usually better looking around on the web for a free or cheap template that you like the look and function of and then altering as needed (or allowed, unless you've paid for it).

Designing from scratch can get expensive; we know, we bill for it. Knowing what features you want, or more importantly don't want can be difficult to figure out though.

We offer many options and services. We can direct you to template sites to get started. Got another site you like or have artwork already? Then start there.

This should make sense to you or you shouldn't do it. Starting with your strengths is the best way to go in our opinion. Want us to do it all for you? We do that too.

We build tons of basic templates and we can do so for you. If you need to control every detail then give us precise instructions. We love using Artisteer® and can whip out some cool stuff. We'll even start from your Artisteer template if you like.

There are several backend interfaces or CMS's available, even simple web-based content editors.

We also offer stock or modified Studio®, Press Revolution® and Thesis® themes for Wordpress® blogs.

Contact us to see what we can do for you.

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