DMA Client Testimonials


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"Very knowledgeable about my needs and was very attentive to my calls and emails and helped me answer my questions related to my website and my SEO needs."

James P. - Feb, 2016

"Great to work with! He took the time to explain how I need to market my website and gave me a lot of excellent information. I would like to hire him for some future projects down the road."

Michael W. - Dec, 2015

"Great to work with and very knowledgeable. Got many recommendations and am in the process of implementing them. Would recommend to anyone who is interested in good organic search results and relevant placing."

Richard M - Sept., 2015

"I hired DMA for SEO consulting on a large project. I actually hired 10 so-called experts and most only shared stuff that would get me in trouble. DMA knew what they were talking about and delivered what I was looking for. I can recommend them without hesitation for SEO consulting and advice! Thanks!"

Mike L. - May, 2015

"I had many specific questions and DMA provided helpful answers. I am confident that his advice, once implemented, will help my pages rank higher. They were patient with me and allowed me to ask several follow up questions. I will consider them when I need future SEO consulting."

John L. - May, 2014

"Excellent work. I cannot recommend DMA enough. Over delivered on what I hired them to do."

Allen R. - April, 2013

"DMA was professional and methodical in their approach. They did the research, developed and discussed a plan of action with us that suited our needs and went to work. Was also gracious enough to share their knowledge with us so we can continue making progress after the project was complete....true SEO pro and I would highly recommend."

Rob C. - Jan, 2013

"It has been a pleasure to have DMA work for me. I found them to be well equipped to carry out the work I needed and showed to be professional at this trade. I have no problem with recommending DMA as worthy addition to any team or and asset in any venture. Thanks."

Ron B. - Nov, 2012

"Rating: 5.0/5.0 "

Sidney S. - Oct, 2012

"Easy to work with and always had a good attitude. In fact, they not only completed the work that I wanted done but went beyond my request and added a lot more to my project at no additional cost. The work came out way better than what I was hoping for; I will be using DMA for further work needed. I highly recommend Digital Media Alchemy."

Robert R. - Sept, 2011

"Highly recommended...real SEO professionals, and will only suggest/use legitimate and proven approaches to improve your site's rankings - and user experience. You don't have to worry about anything sneaky/blackhat that might put your site at risk. Also straightforward and easy to talk to!! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone that truly wants to improve search rankings of a quality website."

Fabiola - Sept, 2011

"Excellent. Will use again for more projects. Lots of experience which shows...was very helpful...I thoroughly recommend."

Scott W. - Sept, 2011

"You will not find a better, more knowledgeable SEO, website, analytical expert out there. DMA truly knows their stuff and make your site perform the way it is meant to perform...went way over and above to prove they can do what they say they can do. THANKS!!"

Scott C. - Sept, 2011

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